f Post graduate mcqs and discussion : Concretion

Monday, March 19


Fig : concretion. 

Etiology: concretion are formed due to accumulation of inspissated mucus and dead epithelial cells debris into the conjuctival depressions called loops of henle. They are commonly seen in elderly people in a degenerative condition and also in patients with scarring of trachoma.  The name concretion is misnomer , as they are not calcareous deposits.

Clinical features :

Concretion are seen on palpebral conjunctiva , more commonly on upper than the lower . They may also be seen in lower fornix . These are yellowish white , hard looking,  raised area , varying in size from pin point to pin head . Being hard they may produce foreign body sensations and lacrimations by rubbing the corneal surface . Occasionally they may even cause corneal abrasions.

Treatment :

It consists of their removal with the help of a hypodermic needle under topical anesthesia.