f Post graduate mcqs and discussion

Tuesday, March 20

Q. Calcific degenerative  ( band shape keratopathy ) changes associated with deposition of calcium salts in which layer of cornea. 

A. Bowmann' s membrane
B. Descemet's membrane
C. Endothelium
D. Stroma

Ans : Bowmann' s membrane


Occular disease complicated by band shape keratopathy includes chronic uveitis in adult,  children with stills disease,  phthisis bulbi, chronic glaucoma,  chronic keratitis and ocular trauma.

Age related band shape keratopathy is common and affects otherwise healthy cornea.

Primary band shape keratopathy is familial.

Metabolic conditions rarely associated with band shaped keratopathy includes hypercalemia, hyperphosphatemia, hyperuricemia, and chronic renal failure .

Clinical features :

It typically presents as band shaped opacity in the interpalpebral zone with a clear interval between the ends of the band and the limbus . The conditions begin at the periphery and gradually progresses towards centre.  The opacity is beneath the epithelium which usually remains intact.  Surface of this opaque band is stippled due to holes in the calcium plaques in the area of nerve canals of Bowmanns membrane.